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Mom Approved Formula 5.0/5

Breastfeeding is best for your baby

Easy to digest goat milk proteins!

Kabrita Arabia

The world's #1 goat milk formula

  • Over 85 years of Infant Formula expertise
  • Available worldwide in more than 26 countries
  • Safe and complete formula, EFSA-approved
  • Proudly produced in the Netherlands
kabrita tins with earth shape in the background
Kabrita infant formula with made in the Netherlands badge


The Kabrita brand is owned by Ausnutria BV. Our headquarters are located in the Netherlands. From there, we manufacture and export our products to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Grass to Glass

At Kabrita we carry out the entire production process in house. This means that we manage all steps, from the milk collection to filling tins and product distribution.

At the foundation of Kabrita we have over 70 Dutch family-run goat farms that supply their milk exclusively to Kabrita. All farmers tend the Dutch white Saanen goat, which is well known for its
high-quality goat milk. To ensure this quality, all farmers operate in strict compliance with the Qualigoat protocol. This specific Dutch quality program governs not only the care for and welfare of our animals, but also the hygiene at the farms.

After we collect the milk from our goat farmers, we transport it to our own production facilities in the northern provinces. There, we combine over 85 years of infant formula expertise with the latest technology.

visual representing kabrita infant formula grass to glass
Kabrita infant formula tin on a table next to scientist

Backed by Science

Ausnutria provides safe, high-quality and scientifically based infant formula. Our R&D department works on composing and further optimizing our products daily. Our research teams in the Netherlands closely work together with scientists, research institutes and universities throughout the world.

Why choose Kabrita?

Easy to Digest Pack Seal

Easy to Digest

Based on goat milk, Kabrita is mild in taste and gentle for the gastrointestinal system of infants. This, and the natural presence of oligosaccharides and nucleotides, results in a formula that is naturally easier to digest.

Safe Formula Pack Seal


Using goat milk as a base for infant nutrition is approved and proven to be safe by the European Food Safety Authority. Kabrita complies with international and local laws and regulations.

Complete Infant Formula Pack Seal


Kabrita infant nutrition combines the natural benefits of Dutch goat milk with a modern composition of ingredients supported by the latest scientific insights.