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Mom Approved Formula 5.0/5

Breastfeeding is best for your baby

Easy to digest goat milk proteins!

Kabrita Arabia

Goat's milk is known as a mild milk source, and has a number of unique qualities that make it an excellent base for products for infants.

  • Goat milk is naturally easy to digest (due to its unique fat and protein composition).
  • Goat's milk is naturally rich in important nutrients such as calcium and vitamin A and is high in iron.
  • Goat's milk has a pleasant mild taste, which children love.

Kabrita goat milk products offer these natural benefits of goat milk with modern formulations, which are comparable to the formulations of optimum cow's milk products. This means that with Kabrita, your little ones get the best of both worlds.

Kabrita products are the only goat milk products that feature a modern formula comparable to that used in premium cow's milk products.

  • Kabrita contains additional whey proteins to ensure the correct amount of amino acids in the product. This also supports the advantage of easily digestible whey protein. The addition of whey proteins is nutritionally recommended by experts in the field and is subject to legislation in various countries of the world.
  • Being inspired by mothers' milk, Kabrita contains our proprietary DigestX OPO (also known as beta-palmitate) fat blend. Breast milk is known to contain a high amount of beta-palmitate and contributes to a healthy delivery of the baby and calcium absorption at levels similar to breastfeeding.
  • Kabrita products contain the omega-unsaturated fatty acids DHA and AA (Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids), which support the vision and brain development of infants. Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids are important structural components of the brain and retina.
  • Kabrita contains the primary prebiotic fibers GOS / FOS, and these fibers have a positive effect on the bacterial composition in the gut by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria. (Bifido- and lactobacilli)

Thanks to this unique combination of the modern formula and the natural benefits of easy-to-digest goat's milk, you can rest assured that your little one is getting all the nutrients they need in a balanced way.