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Is Kabrita goat's milk for children a solution to the symptoms?

هل يُعتبر حليب الماعز كابريتا للأطفال حلاًّ للأعراض؟
We recently sent out a survey to our valuable group of healthcare professionals. We Asked: Does Kabrita help with common early childhood symptoms? The responses were very positive! 

Of the 159 healthcare professionals surveyed, 85% agreed that infants and older toddlers who switched to Kabrita baby goat milk from another source of nutrition such as cow's milk or other infant formula, had relief from symptoms of gas, bloating and discomfort . In addition, between 60-70% of healthcare professionals agreed that Kabrita's formula helped resolve symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, reflux and/or excessive spitting up, and minor skin problems .

Collectively, 9.3% of the responses were "I don't know". This ratio reflects the average responses of 159 healthcare professionals, across all five common feeding symptoms: gas, excessive reflux and/or spitting up, diarrhea, constipation, and minor skin problems.

Functional symptoms are common in children

Digestive problems such as reflux, gas, stool disorders, and minor skin irritations are some of the most common concerns in pediatric healthcare 1,2 . These symptoms can have different underlying causes, including food triggers and triggers.

5 Features That Make Kabrita a Good Choice

We believe there are several features that help explain why healthcare professionals are able to find symptomatic relief with the use of Kabrita goat's milk for infants.

1. Goat milk protein forms smaller, softer curds during digestion

Gas, bloating and discomfort are particularly common children's disorders that can range in severity from mild to more severe. Gas can appear in the upper digestive tract in the form of belching as well as in the lower digestive tract in the form of flatulence and flatulence. The differences between cow's and goat's milk proteins may have implications for the ease with which milk moves through the upper and lower digestive tract.

Goat's milk protein forms a smaller, softer curd during digestion than cow's milk protein and may move through the digestive tract more easily 3.

2. Kabrita adds an extra amount of goat's milk whey to better simulate the whey-to-casein ratio of breast milk

Spitting up and reflux can range in severity; From normal spit-up to more severe ones that keep baby and parents at bay all night long. Research indicates that the longer milk remains in the stomach, the greater the likelihood of reflux. 4 Kabrita adjusts the ratio of whey to casein , by adding more whey to better mimic the ratio of whey to casein, similar to breast milk. Whey remains liquid in the stomach during digestion, and can move through the upper digestive tract more easily and smoothly5 .

3. Natural and added prebiotics in Kabrita goat milk for babies

Anecdotally, families and health professionals alike report that Kabrita formula may help with mild skin problems. Goat milk is a natural source of prebiotics. Goat's milk, in fact, has 4-10 times as many natural oligosaccharide fibers as cow's milk. Kabrita GOS also adds prebiotics for additional gut health support . The presence of prebiotics supports the development and maintenance of beneficial gut microbiota and has been associated with fewer allergic symptoms in early childhood 6

4. Kabrita Goat Milk Baby Formula uses a unique blend of fats with the addition of beta palmitate

Cow's milk may contribute to stool disorders in some children. Studies support, for example, that supplementing with cow's milk protein often helps resolve inflammation in those with allergy issues 7. The combination of fatty acids in milk formula may affect stool regularity in some children. Beta palmitate, for example, has been shown to improve the gut microbiota and thus improve stool regularity 8 . To learn more about the benefits of beta palmitate, we recommend reading our blog on palm oil .

5. Goat milk is A2 milk in nature

Finally, goat's milk is A2 milk in nature and this is an important piece of information, as a number of recently published studies have proven that A1 milk, which is normally found in cow's milk, can cause health problems such as constipation, discomfort, diarrhea and enteritis in some individuals 9 .

We are so happy and grateful to the dedicated health professionals who continue to spread the kind word about Kabrita goat milk based foods, and share their valuable feedback!

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