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Gentle by nature!

Easy to digest goat milk proteins!

Kabrita Middle East


Breastfeeding is the ideal food for your child, but if you want to switch to artificial feeding or mix between breastfeeding and formula feeding, Dutch goat milk sulfur for follow-up and growth is an appropriate choice. What distinguishes our goat milk?

Rich Ingredients

High quality goat's milk is the basis for Kabrita milk.* Kabrita follow-up milk combines the naturally gentle texture of goat's milk with rich ingredients. Kabrita contains Vitamin A, C, D*, Iron and Omega 3 and 6*. Kaulita milk also contains fiber
GOS, goat milk whey protein and beta fat - easily digestible palmitate.

*As recommended by law for all follow-up milk formulas.

Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the normal visual development of your child in the first year of his life. It also contains sulfur
Omega-6 with the same amount* of Omega-3.

*As recommended by law for all follow-up milk formulas.

GOS is a type of pre-biotics that works to aid digestion and promote healthy gut development for your child.

Kabrita follow-up milk also contains the important elements for your child's growth, vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C and D.

Vitamin C and Vitamin D* support the healthy development of your child's immune system. Calcium and vitamin D together contribute to strong and healthy bone growth.

*As recommended by law for all follow-up milk formulas.

Goat's milk is naturally gentle and makes a great base for infant formula.
Kabrita combines the lightness of goat's milk with important nutrients. We achieve this using the latest scientific research.
Artificial feeding based on goat's milk has a mild taste.

*As recommended by law for all follow-up milk formulas.

Sulfur is rich in beta-palmitate fats. It is a group of fats with a unique composition, which makes it easy to digest and quickly absorbed.
It also helps prevent constipation in children.